papa nicholas

keurig cup packaging

The goal of this project was to develop the branding and Keurig® cup packaging for several subsidiaries under their parent, Papa Nicholas Coffee Company®. The first brand, Basic Joe’s Coffee Company, was targeted towards your typical, working-class, "average joe". The logo design utilizes a simplified sans-serif typeface alongside a steaming mug icon. The brand extension incorporates unique patterns of repetition for each flavor as well as clean iconography. The various product flavors allow for hints of vibrant color to be printed against a kraft stock. The second brand, Voyager Coffee Company, was targeted towards the adventurer or outdoorsman. The logo design utilizes spacious, arching typography beneath a clean, mountain mark. The brand extension incorporates topographic patterns, roughened edges, and compass-inspired design elements while showcasing expansive landscape imagery.

Project Developed under partnership with Rule29 Creative.