ryan wheatley


I am a Visual Communications graduate from Northern Illinois University. Graphic Design has always been a huge part of my life, being the third generation in a family of designers and artists. In 2010, I found that I was able to utilize my passion for design as a way to support myself throughout high school, and decided to develop my own freelance business. Over the next few years, I would gain experience working with musicians and businesses in various countries around the world. In the summer of 2017, I was hired as an intern at Rule29, an award-winning design firm based out of the suburbs of Chicago. Working alongside the talented team gave me the drive to make an impact within the industry and shortly after graduating college I was brought on for a full-time design position. This allowed me to work with a variety of amazing clients ranging from non-profits like UNICEF to Fortune 100 companies such as AbbVie.

Some of my capabilities beyond the Adobe Creative Suite include web development in various languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP) as well as motion graphics in After Effects, illustration, social media marketing campaigns, and strategic copywriting. Beyond art, my family is Canadian so I was always raised playing hockey. I also love beer. Not just drinking it, but also brewing it. I’ll usually will have a batch on rotation at any point in time. I love movies, TV shows, video games, and podcasts as well as being a huge fan of standup comedy.

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